Paramount+ has a knack for gripping narratives, and its latest original series, The Serial Killer's Wife, is upholding that tradition.


The title alone promises a dive into the dark corners of matrimonial secrets and the turbulent waters of trust. It's a series that seems set to challenge the very notion of knowing a person, especially someone you vow to spend your life with.

From the outset, The Serial Killer's Wife establishes itself with high production values that translate into a visually rich, moody atmosphere, setting the tone for the suspenseful journey ahead.

The first episode kicks off with an arresting pace — no pun intended — as it introduces us to Tom, played by Jack Farthing, whose sudden arrest for alleged serial killings upends his and his wife's life.

However, the series deftly avoids the clichéd route of a police procedural; instead, we are invited to navigate the ensuing chaos through the eyes of Beth, portrayed by Annabel Scholey. It's a narrative choice that shifts the focus from the investigation to the personal and often harrowing experience of those caught in the storm of suspicion.

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Annabel Scholey and Jack Farthing in The Serial Killer's Wife
Annabel Scholey and Jack Farthing in The Serial Killer's Wife Paramount+

Beth's world, once familiar and secure, now teeters on the precipice of public scrutiny and personal doubt. "Every marriage has its secrets," the show's tagline whispers, nudging viewers to consider the unknowable spaces between even the closest of partners.

This theme of trust — or the lack thereof — runs like a pulsating vein throughout the show, as Beth grapples with the realisation that the man she married may be a stranger after all.

Adding to the riveting drama are the seasoned performances by a cast that includes Angela Griffin (Waterloo Road, The Suspect), whose familiarity to audiences adds a layer of relatability to the unfolding events. The narrative also deftly weaves in steamier scenes, which, far from being gratuitous, add depth to the backstory and ratchet up the tension to almost unbearable levels.

Angela Griffin in The Serial Killer's Wife
Angela Griffin in The Serial Killer's Wife Paramount+

The series doesn't shy away from exploring potent themes such as identity, power dynamics, dominance, and the subversion of traditional gender roles. Such thematic richness ensures that The Serial Killer's Wife isn't merely a thriller; it's a psychological deep-dive into the human psyche, an examination of the social constructs we inhabit and often, blindly trust.

For those yet to witness the unraveling of this tale, the series can be likened to the intense drama of Anatomy of a Scandal or the intricate psychological layers found in Doctor Foster. It's the kind of show that promises to hold you captive, to make you question the very foundation of relationships and what it means to really know someone. It's also a reminder that sometimes, the most profound mysteries lie not in the unknown, but in the all too familiar.

If you're someone who relishes narrative complexity and psychological intrigue, this is a series that should not be missed.


The Serial Killer’s Wife is available to stream from 15th December. Paramount+ is also home to a mountain of entertainment – blockbusters, new originals, exclusive series and hit shows.