Why you should watch Euphoria on Sky Q

How to make the most of HBO’s new teen drama starring Zendaya


There’s plenty to love about HBO’s new teen drama Euphoria on Sky Atlantic. The compelling teen drama captures what it’s like growing up in the iPhone generation, in a world that feels like it’s on the brink of collapse.

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Zendaya stars as 17-year-old Rue, an addict fresh out of rehab and determined to keep using. Meanwhile, new best friend Jules (played by breakout star Hunter Schafer) discovers the dark side of online dating while jock Nate (Jacob Elordi) is a paragon of privilege and toxic masculinity.

Season one of Euphoria is available to watch in the UK via Sky Atlantic. Once you’re done pondering the game-changing finale, there are plenty of ways you can delve deeper into Rue’s chaotic world.

Does Euphoria have an official music playlist?

There is an official Euphoria playlist on Sky Atlantic’s Spotify, as well as plenty of fan-made playlists on YouTube.

With Sky Q, there’s no need to get your laptop or phone out to press play on these hits. Simply open one of these apps via Sky Q to relive the series’ most memorable moments through its epic tunes.

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Finished season one of Euphoria? Watch these teen dramas next

Asking youself: ‘Will there be a second series of Euphoria?’ Fret not – it’s already been confirmed by HBO.

In the meantime, fill the Euphoria-shaped hole in your heart with these teen dramas, all of which are available via Sky Q.

All 4

Set in Derry during The Troubles, Lisa McGee’s Derry Girls a well worth a watch. All 4 is also home to all-time 1990s classic 90210, should you want to pay West Beverly High a visit.


Netflix has its fair share of teen dramas on offer. Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, Sex Education, The Society and even Skins are all available to stream on the platform.

BBC iPlayer

It hasn’t premiered yet, but the BBC’s His Dark Materials series is one of the most anticipated shows coming out this year. It may not be a teen drama in the traditional sense, but it’s definitely a coming-of-age tale you shouldn’t miss.

Why Sky Q? Everything you love, all in one place

As well as being able to watch Euphoria on Sky Atlantic, Sky Q makes it super easy to enjoy the best teen dramas across Sky, Netflix and more. Plus, you can access apps like Spotify and YouTube.

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It’s all-encompassing – you can even check the weather while watching. The Sky Q remote comes with cutting-edge voice tech, meaning you can use voice commands to access all the entertainment you love.

What else can I do on Sky Q?

Euphoria on Sky Atlantic doesn’t end when you finish the series. Open YouTube and head along to Euphoria’s official channel to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes with a set tour by Sydney Sweeney (troubled popular girl Cassie Howard), as well as heart-warming interviews with the cast.

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Sky Q also makes it really easy to find content by actor. Using voice control, say Zendaya’s name and you could seen be singing along to The Greatest Showman.