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Why tonight's episode of Luther is an "absolute belter"

"There are more twists and turns than a long rally at Wimbledon. My only advice is don't watch it whilst cooking spaghetti bolognese," says Mark Jeffries logo
Published: Tuesday, 9th July 2013 at 8:14 am

I've not been a big fan of Luther.


I went to the first screening of it with some of the cast in a tiny cinema screen in London's Curzon Soho back in April 2010. It was good but I was more in love with the London landmarks and beautiful shots of the Barbican estate than anything else. I'll admit I fell away from it after the first series. But I'll also admit I was wrong.

The second episode of the third series on Tuesday is an absolute belter. I know no one wants spoilers for something like Luther, but I can tell you there are some curve balls being thrown that smash into the episode when you least expect. In fact, there are more twists and turns than a long rally at Wimbledon. My only advice is don't watch it whilst cooking spaghetti bolognese.

And just when I was recovering as the Luther credits rolled, the 'next week' clips left me open mouthed. It looks like, if anything, the series will improve as it gets more complex. The best way to describe what is happening is what Idris Elba said about his character at the series launch at Bafta last month.

He compared Luther to a superhero in the same uniform every week, but also admitted he didn't want to suspend belief too much, saying, "We push the envelope in terms of artistic licence. Luther doesn't change his clothes and no one mentions that. That is very much an ode to superheroes.

"But this season was waiting to happen. Why? Because Luther gets investigated. I think we all felt where do we go after two series of terrorising people and seeing a man getting away with breaking the law. We need to go somewhere where he is held accountable for it. And that was a decision we all made earlier, lets bring in a nemesis and someone who holds Luther by the collar.

"How long can he get away with it? In this season it all comes to a head."

Five million watched the first episode of the series last week. It is not too late to catch up on iPlayer. Trust me, it will be worth it even if you watch two back-to-back, cos everyone will be gossiping about it tomorrow.


Mark Jefferies is Deputy showbiz and TV Editor at the Daily Mirror


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