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Who is Call The Midwife's dashing new dentist?

Meet Christopher Dockerill, Poplar's teeth-pulling heart-throb

Published: Wednesday, 21st March 2018 at 11:44 am

After weeks of departures (we're really missing Patsy and Sister Mary Cynthia) there's something of a Call The Midwife influx in episode six as nurse Valerie Dyer moves into Nonnatus House and a new dentist pops up in Poplar.


The man in the white coat is an instant hit with the nurses and children alike, but who is he?

And why does he seem to be taking a shine to Trixie Franklin?

Who is Call The Midwife’s new dentist, Mr Dockerill?


Christopher Dockerill is a dentist who comes to Poplar to help sort out the borough’s teeth. He teams up with Sister Winifred to set up a class for children at the clinic and also works at St Cuthbert’s hospital.

How did Mr Dockerill meet Trixie?

Trixie and the dentist crossed paths at the clinic when she demanded that her patients’ be allowed some peace and quiet. She later requested his assistance in dealing with an expectant mother with particularly tricky teeth.

The pair bonded as they joined forces to deliver a baby in St Cuthbert's, with Mr Dockerill watching on in shock and awe as Trixie went about her work.

Who plays Mr Dockerill?


Christopher Dockerill is played by Jack Hawkins, an actor who originally studied law at Oxford before heading into the profession.


You might have spotted him in Holby City playing Alex Lambert, in Casualty playing a character called Paul Roscoe, or in a TV mini-series by the name of Henry and Anne: The Lovers Who Changed History.


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