Malorie Blackman's young adult novel Noughts and Crosses is the basis of a high-profile new series from the BBC.


The story is set in an alternate society where white people (noughts) are disadvantaged, facing oppression from a ruling class populated by black people (crosses).

Against this backdrop, a forbidden romance blossoms between nought boy Callum and cross girl Sephy, childhood friends who are reunited after many years apart.

For the series, locations in South Africa were used to build a wildly different version of London, depicting what the city would look like centuries after its initial colonisation.

These are the key locations where Noughts and Crosses filmed its first episode...

Where is the Hadley family mansion?

The first episode sees a lavish party hosted at Sephy's beautiful family home, where she is reunited with Callum who is working there for the evening.

The luxurious mansion is located in Constantia, an affluent suburb of Cape Town which is somewhat removed from the city centre by a distance of about 15km.

In 1961, the neighbourhood was zoned as a White Group Area by the apartheid government and residents classed as coloured or African were forcibly removed not long after. The Group Areas Act was repealed in June 1991.

In modern times, Constantia has become a tourist destination, particularly for its large winemaking industry which includes several farms and fine dining options.

Where is the Aprica military academy?

A major plot thread in the Noughts and Crosses television series is Callum's desire to join the Aprican military.

Previously, the institution has only been open to cross applicants, but for the first time ever it has chosen to accept a select few noughts of exceptional ability.

Callum heads to the academy training grounds to try out for a coveted spot, facing difficult physical challenges as well as prejudice because of his race.

These scenes were filmed at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, the oldest building in South Africa with history dating all the way back to the 1660s.

The castle was initially constructed by Dutch settlers, who used the location to replenish ships sailing from the Netherlands to colonies in what we now call Indonesia.

In recent years, it has been made a heritage site and extensive restorations have been completed to protect its historical value.

Where is the nought hospital located?

Noughts and Crosses opens with Dan, a friend of Callum and his brother Jude, being brutally assaulted by a police officer.

Following the attack, a peaceful protest is arranged outside the hospital where he is being treated, but this also devolves into a skirmish when police attempt to disperse the campaigners.

Both of these scenes were shot in Cape Town, with the initial attack taking place in the docks area and the hospital protest filmed right in the city centre.


Noughts and Crosses airs on BBC One at 9pm from Thursday 5th March