You won't find Midsomer on a map – because it doesn't exist. This fictional English county is charmingly rural, perpetually sunny, and unfortunately prone to bloody murders.


The county town is Causton, where DCI Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) lives with his wife Sarah (Fiona Dolman). In real life, Causton is represented by the town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire, while the police station scenes are filmed at the former RAF Staff College in Bracknell.

But as most of the murders take place across Midsomer's many villages, that leaves a lot of scope for new filming locations.

There are two more episodes in the current series, which will finally air on ITV on Sunday 13th and 20th May – so where were they filmed? Here are the details:

Where was Midsomer Murders episode The Curse of the Ninth filmed?

Midsomer Murders The Curse of the 9th

The Curse of the Ninth is a musical mystery: when a prize-winning musician is strangled with a violin string, DCI Barnaby uncovers multiple motives and multiple suspects.

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This feature-length episode was filmed at Chenies Manor House, with Watlington Church used for the concert.

Chenies Manor House is located in Buckinghamshire and dates from the Tudor era. It has previously appeared on screen in To Play The King, Little Dorritt, and Woody Allen movie Cassandra's Dream.

Watlington Church is located in Oxfordshire.

Where was Midsomer Murders episode Death By Persuasion filmed?

Midsomer Murders

This feature-length episode takes us on a trip to the 18th century as a group of Jane Austen enthusiasts dress up in period costume and immerse themselves in Georgian life at a country mansion.

Death By Persuasion was filmed at a privately-owned manor house on the outskirts of Oxford. It was the first major production at the house.

The village scenes were shot in Turville, where they also filmed the outdoor parts of The Vicar of Dibley and Goodnight Mr Tom. Turville is located in Buckinghamshire, midway between Oxford and Slough.


Midsomer Murders returned on Sunday 13th May at 8pm on ITV, with the final episode in the series on Sunday 20th May at 8pm

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