What’s going to happen after that Trauma episode 2 cliffhanger?

What do you think will happen next?

John Simm and Adrian Lester in Trauma (ITV, EH)

The second episode of ITV’s Trauma came to a thrilling conclusion that left us desperate to learn what happens next.


*SPOILER ALERT – This article contains spoilers for Trauma episode 2*

In the final few minutes of the penultimate instalment in the three-part drama, we watched as John Simm’s grieving father Dan Bowker spiralled even further out of control.

Packing a kitchen knife in his rucksack, he made his way over to the Allerton family house, knowing that neither Jon nor Lisa would be in and that their teenage daughter Alana would be home alone.

On hearing the bell, Alana stepped away from her gap year plans to open the front door and came face to face with the man who’s convinced her father is responsible for his own son’s death. Will she let him into the house? Or slam the door shut in his face? And has Dan really got it in him to hurt her?


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