What was the most heartbreaking moment of Victoria series two?

Daisy Goodwin's royal drama had us crying into our cuppas more than once this series – but which sequence was almost too sad for TV?

Victoria Series 2 Sad

ITV’s Victoria returned to our TV screens for series two this autumn and it’s safe to say we’ve needed a box of tissues almost every Sunday evening because heartbreak and tragedy have followed in the diminutive monarch’s wake.


In episode three alone we had to say goodbye to the queen’s beloved pet spaniel, Dash, and bid farewell to a frail and ailing Lord Melbourne. Oh Rufus Sewell, can’t you call the Doctor, take a trip in the Tardis, change history and come back for more? Please?


That was just the beginning of our troubles, though. As the series progressed we came face-to-face with the cold hard truths about the Irish famine, learned that Ernst’s love for Harriet would be hampered by his syphilis and watched poor old Drummond meet his maker – just when we thought he’d found his happily ever after.