What time is Victoria on TV tonight?

Here's everything you need to know about episode three of ITV's luscious new drama starring Jenna Coleman


ITV’s new Sunday evening drama has picked up where Downton Abbey left off, capturing the hearts and minds of the television viewing nation and receiving positive reviews from the first two episodes that depicted a young monarch (in the shape of Jenna Coleman’s teenage Queen Victoria) battling to assert herself in a complicated political world.


After a bank holiday double bill, this week the series continues: King Leopold suggests to Victoria that she consider Prince Albert as a possible consort, a development that results in the young queen being surrounded by suitors seeking her hand in marriage.

The young queen remains determined to rule alone, a declaration that leaves her uncle suspicious about her relationship with Melbourne.

What time is Victoria on ITV tonight?

Victoria returns to ITV this Sunday night (4th September) at 9pm, where this week it will be directly up against Poldark on BBC1.

Which will you be watching live, and which drama will have to wait for catch-up?

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