What Time is Riviera on TV?

Everything you need to know about Sky Atlantic's lavish new drama


What Time is Riviera on TV?


The next episode will be on 9pm Thursday, Sky Atlantic.

What can I expect from this episode?

Georgina discovers the downside of living in a palace tonight; Litvinov wants a missing key and so she has to turn all the antique furniture and eye-wateringly expensive paintings upside down to find it. Presumably realising this would take months, the Russians kidnap Christos Clios and start pulling out his teeth to speed up the process. His mother tries to charm them into giving her son back and unsurprisingly fails, so more drastic measures are needed.

Threatening to shave off Litvinov’s impeccably coiffed beard would probably do the trick, but instead Georgina decides to take the old adage “a tooth for a tooth” literally and abducts his young son.

Where is Riviera filmed?

Julia Stiles’ lavish villa Carmella really is popular with oligarchs and celebrities, but not with the neighbours – they’ve filed many complaints to get the building knocked down. Here’s everything you need to know about Chateau Diter. 

Who’s in the cast?


Julia Stiles (the Bourne series) stars as lead character Georgina Clios. She’s joined by Hustle’s Adrian Lester (as Robert Carver), Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon (Adam Clios) and French actress Roxane Duran (Adriana Clios).