What time is Paula on TV?

Everything you need to know about BBC2's new chilling thriller


The BBC brings a gloriously dark and dingy drama to cast a shadow over our sunny evenings. Here’s your guide on how to watch it, who’s in the cast and what it’s about…


What time is Paula on TV?

Paula continues on Thursday 8 June at 9pm on BBC2.

What’s the drama about?

The three-part thriller is written by Irish playwright Conor McPherson, his first TV series. It centres around Paula, a young woman stuck in a rut: she’s tangled up in an affair with a married man, has a strained relationship with her dysfunctional family – and she’s got rats in her basement. When she calls in handyman James to catch the vermin, her life is plunged into chaos as he turns out to be a very dark character indeed.

Who’s in the cast?

Paula is portrayed by the spectacular Denise Gough, and Tom Hughes is menacing as James.

Is it any good?

It’s excellent – read our review of episode one here.

Is there a trailer?


Yes, here you go…