What time is Man in an Orange Shirt on TV?

Everything you need to know about the two-part drama which forms part of the Gay Britannia season on the BBC


Two-part drama Man in an Orange Shirt follows the complicated love stories of two gay couples, one in the modern day and the other at a time when such relationships could result in a prison sentence.


What time is it on?

Man in an Orange Shirt concludes on Monday 7th August at 9pm on BBC2.

What is the Gay Britannia season?

The BBC has commissioned a series of programmes to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act which decriminalised homosexuality. The 1967 act proved to be a crucial turning point on the path to gay rights.

What is Man in an Orange Shirt about?

The drama tells two separate love stories set 60 years apart but joined by family ties. In this second episode, Patrick Gale’s romance jumps forward six decades to Adam and his granny Flora (Vanessa Redgrave), living in quiet containment in a rather nice London house.

But their lives are boiling vats of denial. Flora (who we saw last week as a young bride married to a gay man) can still barely come to terms with her past while Adam is a slave to meaningless sexual encounters on gay dating apps. When charming, handsome Steve (David Gyasi) arrives in his life Adam (Julian Morris) is so repressed he can’t bring himself to recognise The One, even when he’s standing right there.

But the discovery of a painting and a sojourn at the country cottage that meant so much to Adam’s gay grandad Michael and his lover Thomas starts to heal wounds. If you’re a sucker for an old-fashioned love story, you’ll be shedding buckets by the end.

Who stars in the show?


Oliver Jackson-Cohen and James McArdle play the two love interests of Michael Berryman and Thomas March whilst Joanna Vanderham plays Thomas’ fiancé, Flora. The script is written by bestselling British novelist Patrick Gale, who has written Rough Music, Friendly Fire and The Aerodynamics of Pork. Man in an Orange Shirt is the author’s screenwriting debut.