What time is In Plain Sight on TV?

The ITV serial killer drama stars Martin Compston as real-life murderer Peter Manuel and Douglas Henshall as Detective William Muncie


ITV’s new thriller In Plain Sight begins tonight – here’s everything you need to know before you tune in…


What’s it about?

The drama follows notorious Scottish serial killer Peter Manuel who went on a murderous rampage in the 1950s, killing at least eight people. At the same time as committing his horrific killings, Manuel brazenly taunted Detective William Muncie, sending birthday and Christmas cards to the man who was hellbent on holding him accountable for his crimes. Find out more about Peter Manuel here.

Who’s in it?

Line of Duty star Martin Compston plays Manuel (below), using his native Scottish accent instead of the cockney twang he employs to play Detective Steve Arnott. (Read our interview with him here) Shetland actor Douglas Henshall portrays Muncie who is on Manuel’s tail from the start of the first episode. Full cast details are here.


Is it gruesome?

Not yet – episode one portrays the lead-up to Manuel’s murderous spree, showing the early signs and crimes that indicated just how dangerous he would turn out to be.

How many episodes are there?

Three. Airing every Wednesday in the lead-up to Christmas. Festive viewing, it isn’t.

When is In Plain Sight on TV?

The first instalment airs on ITV tonight at 9pm. Brace yourselves…