Hard Sun is a new, apocalyptic crime drama on the BBC. Here’s how to watch it, what to expect and who’s in the cast…


What time is Hard Sun on TV?

The next episode of Hard Sun is on Saturday 10th January at 9:30pm on BBC1.

What can we expect?

There’s a lot going on here. Writer Neil Cross’s kitchen-sink approach to plotting builds to a climax of almighty absurdity, and pretty much every step on the way is unhinged, too. But we get our money’s worth: nobody goes home short-changed.

In terms of the big picture, Charlie and Elaine are now in league against their mutual enemy. But there’s also an intriguing subplot involving George, the solid, reliable veteran copper who is nicely underplayed by Adrian Rawlins.

He goes rogue while investigating a possible serial killer, but since Cross likes to spice each storyline up with an Atrocity of the Week (ie some particularly creative act of violence) that seems unwise.

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Who is in the cast?

Model and actress Agyness Deyn and Cloud Atlas star Jim Sturgess lead the drama, with support from Luther's Nikki Amuka-Bird. You can see more details about the cast and characters here.

Is it violent?

In a previous issue of Radio Times, TV writer David Butcher warns: "the pre-title opening scene where Agyness Deyn's character is attacked in her house is really nasty". Perhaps not one for the faint of heart.


Is there a Hard Sun trailer?

Oh, yes...