Warrior Nun is a new series coming to Netflix that owes both its spectacular name and story inspiration to a popular series of comics.


But is this a faithful adaptation of Warrior Nun Areala, the original comic created by Ben Dunn and published by Antarctic Press since 1994, or only loosely based on the original?

Here's all the essential info on the comic and the major differences between the new series and its source material...

Warrior Nun TV series vs. comics differences

Alba Baptista stars in Warrior Nun on Netflix as Ava
Alba Baptista stars as Ava in Warrior Nun on Netflix Netflix

Despite sharing a concept, there are actually some fairly major differences between the new Netflix series and the source material – none more so than the identity of the title character.

Whereas in the comics the protagonist is called Shannon Masters and is an older woman known for her heroism and nobility, the same role in the series is taken by a sulky teenager called Ava (Alba Baptista) - who on first glance seems to bear little resemblance to Shannon.

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Another major change is the setting - which is moved from New York in the comics to modern day Spain in the TV show.

What happens in the Warrior Nun comics?

First published in 1994, the story in the comics is centred on Sister Shannon Masters, who is described as the Joan of Arc-like heroine of the Order of the Cruciform Sword.

The order is made up of both Warrior Nuns and their allies, Magic Priests, who are working for the Catholic Church - and was founded in 1066 after a Valkyrie turned to Jesus Christ in a renunciation of her previous pagan ways.

Warrior Nun (original comic)
Antarctic Press

That Valkyrie, named Auria, continues to live on through a range of different avatars, and in the comics that avatar is Sister Shannon Masters - who is described as the best and brightest of them all.

The comics follow Shannon and her friends, including her foster sister, as they serve the Lord by fighting against evil forces, including such villains as Demon Foster, Julius Salvius, and Helga.

Shannon arrives in New York City at the beginning of the comics – assigned to an area where there had not been demonic activity since the Purge of 1985, and soon sees a sustained surge in evil after her arrival.

After Sister Areala realsies that Shannon is the Chosen One of her generation, her latent power is awoken and she takes on the avatar of mad valkyrie Helga in battle - the first of many such conflicts she must face in her new role.


Warrior Nun is available to stream on Netflix from Thursday 2nd July 2020 - check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide