Viewers left cringing after watching BBC1’s Wanderlust with their parents

It's safe to say they weren't expecting things to get quite so frisky when they sat down with their families...


It’s safe to say viewers weren’t expecting things to get quite so frisky during the first episode of BBC1’s Wanderlust.


The drama stars Toni Collette as Joy, a relationship therapist whose own sex life with husband Alan (played by Steven Mackintosh) leaves everything to be desired – so the pair come to an arrangement.

Following a cringe-worthy encounter between the sheets, they decide to try an ‘open marriage’ and suffice to say that both Joy and Alan throw themselves into their new-found freedom.

Viewers took to Twitter to following some of the – ahem – raunchier scenes, and it seems that many were regretting their decision to watch the new series with their parents sitting at the other end of the family sofa.

“Not awkward at all watching Wanderlust with your Mum!” one viewer posted on Twitter.

Viewers also found themselves desperately reaching for the remote after some risqué scenes got a bit noisy.


The six-part series Wanderlust airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC1