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Viewers were freaked out by Gemma's "revenge sex" in Doctor Foster

"Every single decision Gemma makes causes me stress"

Doctor Foster
Published: Wednesday, 20th September 2017 at 9:11 am

Another week of Doctor Foster, another six million of us stressing out about Gemma’s life decisions.


The third, action-packed episode of series two saw sworn enemies Gemma and Simon do the deed in the most loveless way imaginable.

“Gemma, I hate you,” growled Simon by way of foreplay.

“I know, I pretty much f***ing loathe you,” she bit back before the strange union began.

Viewers are calling the act “revenge sex” on Twitter, because Gemma’s plan was to film the whole sordid affair and use the evidence to break up Simon and Kate – but he spotted her plan.

The acrimonious pair then went through with the hate sex anyway, a move which caused a lot of stress for viewers...

The episode ended with Gemma driving out of Parminster to start a new life – but has she really left for good? We'll find out next week...


Doctor Foster continues on Tuesday 26th September at 9pm on BBC1


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