Viewers remain split on BBC One’s The Split and its “insufferable” characters

The series returned to screens last night and left audiences divided

Nicola Walker plays Hannah Stern in The Split

Viewers tuned into BBC One last night to see the return of legal drama The Split, which drew a decidedly mixed reaction on Twitter.


The show follows a family of divorce lawyers and the clients they take on, with Nicola Walker and Stephen Mangan in starring roles.

It certainly had its fans – drawn in by its affairs, pregnancies and shocking twists – with one user commenting that they “absolutely loved it.”

However, the same criticisms that plagued the show during its first series have reared their head again, with many doubting the plausibility of the character’s extremely busy lives.

Another issue The Split came up against last night was that many of its core characters were deemed unlikeable by audiences – “insufferable” one viewer tweeted – despite the actors themselves giving solid performances.

Nonetheless, the show could still maintain a solid viewership among those willing to overlook its problems.

One commenter said that in spite of the “inaccuracy and plain legal nonsense,” they enjoy the show regardless and accept it for what it is.


The Split airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One