The Boy With The Topknot was a smash hit with viewers when it aired on BBC1 on Monday night.

The one-off drama, based on the critically acclaimed memoirs of The Times writer Sathnam Sanghera, followed the story of a young boy born in a Punjabi family living in Wolverhampton.

Sanghera moved to London after graduating from Cambridge to embark on a career as a journalist. Viewers saw him trying to build up the courage to introduce his English girlfriend to his traditional, Sikh parents and reveal he would not be entering into an arranged marriage. Instead, he learned a painful family secret.

Viewers praised the "powerful" and "relevant" drama for its depiction of a family's struggle to deal with mental health issues.

It was a scenario that many felt they could relate to - whether they were Sikh themselves or not.

There was high praise for the cast, with leading man Sacha Dhawan being singled out for his performance.

Many viewers said they were taken by surprise by the "powerful and brilliant" tale.

And by the end of the episode the viewers were calling out for more.

The Boy With The Topknot is available to stream on BBC iPlayer