Viewers are split over the shock ending to ITV’s Liar

A welcome twist or a complete cop-out? The ITV audience were undecided (SPOILERS AHEAD)


We knew the end of ITV’s Liar would be dramatic, but the finale of the Joanne Froggatt drama gave the audience quite a shock. The last scene showed serial rapist Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) sprawled in shallow marsh water with his throat slit and his body lifeless. Did Laura (Froggatt) kill him? Or did one of Andrew’s other victims?


And, more importantly, did this make for a satisfying ending? For some, it was an exciting close to a solid series…

And the cliffhanger soon had fans posing theories about Andrew’s murder…

But many felt cheated by the change in the drama’s direction from a complex study of rape to a simple murder case…

And just to confuse things, ITV announced that we WILL be seeing a second series of Liar – WITH Andrew.

So, was he actually dead?


Answer: yes. ITV has said the next series will focus on who murdered Andrew Earlham, presumably with Gruffudd featuring in flashbacks. But we’re going to have quite a wait to find out who: the second series will only begin filming in January 2019.