Victoria and Albert’s sexual tension (and passive aggression) grows over a joint piano recital

This sneak peek at episode four of ITV's Sunday night period drama shows a spiky encounter between the cousins played by Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes


Are the days of Lord Melbourne numbered? Who is this new contender for the heart of the young Queen Victoria?


In episode four of the ITV Sunday night drama we finally begin to discover a little more about Victoria’s cousin Prince Albert, the man that many around the Queen believe she should go on to marry.

Secretly hoping to impress Albert, Victoria transports her court to Windsor Castle where tensions begin to mount between herself, her Prime Minister Lord M and the dashing – if somewhat spiky – young prince.

In this brand new clip we see that the course of true love never does run smoothly – as even after a particularly good piece of hand acting on the piano from Jenna Coleman/Tom Hughes (and/or their hand doubles, if they use them) there is still a little dig from Albert towards the Queen at the end of the performance. With a good dollop of sexual tension and a little passive aggression sprinkled on top, this is the stuff Sunday night drama fans dream about.


Victoria returns to ITV for episode four entitled The Clockwork Prince at 9pm on Sunday 11th September