Viewers of BBC One drama Us were out in force on social media praising the third episode of the drama about a dysfunctional family falling apart on an extended tour of Europe.


"One of the best dramas I have seen in a long time," said one fan, echoing the thoughts of many watching the four-part series based on David Nicholls' novel of the same name, starring Tom Hollander, Saskia Reeves and Tom Taylor.

Another fan agreed, tweeting that it was "so refreshingly not a cop show/my favourite drama of the year".

The wit of Nicholls script was noted by many, such as this quip by overbearing dad Douglas (Hollander): " I haven't got any money, I was going to get some wired but I don't know what that actually means.' Some complete zingers tonight. #Us"

A fan wrote that it was "My favourite episode so far" while another wrote simply: "I love this show."

Us features a flashback storyline documenting how Douglas and Connie (Reeves) lost their daughter, an event the couple has never seemed to have recovered from.

Again, Nicholls' "incredibly poignant" writing came in for tributes, as he portrayed the young Connie and Doug in grief.

Played by Father Brown’s Gina Bramhill and Agents of SHIELD’S Iain De Caestecker, their story was "heartbreaking" for many viewers.

Us seemed to work on many levels for viewers. One man posted that he had "Just watched episode 3 of #Us on BBC1. I really relate to this tale of middle-aged regret and self-recrimination."

Philosophically speaking, Douglas was striving too hard, according to one: "Sadly Douglas the more you want something the more unlikely you are to get it."

The episode concluded with Douglas finally reunited with his estranged teenage son, Albie (Taylor), who he'd been on a desperate search through Italy to find.

Their reunion looked as awkward and loaded with hostility as their relationship had appeared in previous episodes of Us. It will take some skill by Nicholls and the cast to convincingly resolve their animosity – as well as middle-aged Connie and Doug's differences – in Sunday's finale, on BBC One at 9pm on Sunday 11th October.


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