UK film censors forced to watch a 10 hour long movie of paint drying

One filmmaker came up with a hilarious, boring protest against censorship


A tricksy filmmaker has made British censors watch a 10 hour film of paint drying. And we thought The Hobbit was boring.


Filmmaker Charlie Lyne raised £6000 for the project and submitted the film to the BBFC as a “protest against censorship and mandatory classification.”

Here’s a sample:

Riveting, isn’t it?

“To my great shame,” Lyne admitted during a Reddit AMA. “I have not watched the film in its entirety.”

The poor censor at the BBFC wasn’t so lucky, spending two days making notes before finally making their judgement:

U. Suitable for all ages. 


Lyne is apparently in talks with a London cinema for a screening, if you want to catch it yourself.