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Coronavirus shutdown to delay 60 per cent of all TV drama, new report predicts

The report also predicts that up to 10 per cent of planned dramas and comedies will be scrapped

Joe Cole in Peaky Blinders
Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 3:53 pm

Across the globe, almost 60 per cent of scripted titles with 2020 air dates are set to be delayed, according to a report by Ampere Analysis.


The report also forecast that up to 10 per cent of scheduled dramas and comedies will be completely cut.

These statistics were calculated in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which is affecting industries across the world.

Ampere Analytics has also predicted that although the global effects of the entertainment industry shutdown will continue on through 2021, unscripted programming will bounce back by the end of 2020.

The report forecast new scripted titles to decrease by five percent to 10 per cent on a monthly basis in the second half of 2020, while over half of scripted programmes due to be released at this time are at risk of delay.

So far this year, only 51 per cent of scripted titles ordered during March until May last year have aired, with a 40 per cent decrease in scripted content commissions in the equivalent period of 2020.

Speaking to Deadline, Ampere Analysis' senior analyst Fred Black said, "There is one certainty among the current uncertainty – that the COVID-19 pandemic will change the TV production industry far beyond the end of the lockdown."

"Initially we expect delays to cause gaps in scripted TV release schedules, which broadcasters and streaming players will have to fill with other content. However, as delayed productions begin to fill out content gaps in later months, these gaps will begin to close. But this has further ramifications," he added.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, various TV releases have been delayed or cancelled, including Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders. Meanwhile, EastEnders and Top Gear will restart production next month due to the relaxation of certain lockdown rules in the UK.

A number of film premieres have also been affected, including Marvel's Black Widow, Disney's Mulan and James Bond's No Time To Die which have all been pushed back.


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