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When is Triad Princess on Netflix? Cast, what it's about and trailer

Everything you need to know about the mandarin Netflix original series

Published: Wednesday, 20th November 2019 at 1:48 pm

Triad Princess is a Taiwanese TV drama created for Netflix.


It is the second original mandarin series produced for the streaming provider, the first being Nowhere Man. The project is directed by Neal Wu, an author, and director of the film At Cafe 6.

When is Triad Princess released on Netflix?

Triad Princess is released on Netflix globally on 6th December 2019.

What is Triad Princess about?

Ni An Qi (Angie) has grown up in the shadow of her powerful triad boss father. Desperate to forge an identity and life of her own, and defying her father's wishes, she jostles her way into a job as a celebrity bodyguard for a famous actress. The series follows the story of Angie as she comes to terms with life in this unfamiliar world and everything changes for both her and those around her.

Who's in the cast of Triad Princess?

The main cast for Triad Princess includes Eugenie Liu (best know for Happy Together and Behind Your Smiles) as Ni An Qi (Angie), Jasper Liu as Xu Yi Hang, Chang Shu-Wei as Wang Jin Guo and Michael Huang as Angie's dad, plus Amanda Liu, Tien Hsin and Tsao Yu-Ning.

Is there a trailer for Triad Princess?

Indeed there is. Watch it below.


Triad Princess is on Netflix from 6th December,


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