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First look at Traces season 2 as Martin Compston teases drama ahead

The crime drama will return to Alibi soon.

Traces s2
Published: Friday, 17th September 2021 at 7:00 am

Martin Compston might not have lasted long in BBC One drama Vigil – but he's set to have a more substantial role in the second season of Traces, which returns to Alibi early next year.


Compston stars alongside Molly Windsor, Laura Fraser and Jennifer Spence in the forensic crime drama, and can offer fans an exclusive first-look at the second run.

According to UKTV, the second series will continue to delve into the world of forensic science as the women of the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science (SIFA) attempt to the bottom of who's behind a series of cruel bombings in Dundee.

And the new images tease all sorts of drama, with one of the pictures showing Emma (Windsor) and Daniel (Compston) arriving at court for the trial of his dad, and a second showing Daniel comforting Emma inside the court.

Traces s2

There are also a couple of images showing a crime scene – one of which sees DCI Neil McKinven (Michael Nardone) and Safi (Rohit Kumar) looking a little stumped.

Traces S2 - Episode 01 - Picture shows:

Another shows Sarah Gordon (Fraser) examining the evidence at the crime scene.

Traces S2 - Episode 02 - Picture shows:

Meanwhile, the below image shows Professor Kathy Torrence (Spence) with Erika (Krysten Peck).

Traces S2 - Episode 03 - Picture shows:

We can also reveal some new casting for series two, with Laila Rouass joining as DCI McKinven's wife Azra, with the below image offering a first look at the new character.

Traces S2 - Episode 05 - Picture shows:

And the final image sees DCI McKinven and Professor Sarah Gordon have what looks to be a frank discussion.

Traces S2 - Episode 06 - Picture shows:

Speaking about the new series, Compston told, "[In] series two the story has moved on a little bit. At the end of series one Daniel had turned in some evidence against his dad and his dad had been arrested.

"We’re now just before the trial of his dad for the murder of his girlfriend Emma’s mum. You find Daniel and Emma in quite a happy place, actually, they reconciled at the funeral at the end of series one and for a split second they’re kinda happy and then the wheels start to come off a bit…"

Windsor added, "I’m most excited about this series of Traces because it raised a lot of questions at the end of season one and there’s still so many unanswered questions with her family, her work and her relationship. I think it’s that stuff to me that’s really interesting and it goes beyond the whodunnit of season one."

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