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Netflix confirms Top Boy will return for another season

Everyone still wants to be a Top Boy

Top Boy Netflix
Published: Wednesday, 26th February 2020 at 5:27 pm

Netflix has announced that gritty drug dealer drama Top Boy will be returning for a fourth season, following the series' 2019 revival.


The streaming giant confirmed the news on Twitter, posting "Top Boy s2 is happening!!". The fourth season is the second one produced by Netflix, with the first two series having aired on Channel 4 back in 2011 and 2013 respectively and now known on Netflix as Top Boy: Summerhouse – hence the rather confusing statement.

Netflix also revealed that production will begin this spring and confirmed Dushane (Ashley Walters), Sully (Kane Robinson), newcomer Jamie (Micheal Ward) and Shelley (Little Simz) will return.

In an unexpected twist, season three ended with Dushane paying Jamie a visit in prison. He offered to help secure a release for his former rival, and even suggested they team up on the outside – which means the rift between Dushane and Sully could grow deeper. It was also revealed that addicts Sarah and Lee were in fact undercover officers investigating Dushane, so there's definitely trouble on the horizon for the current top boy.

Fans have Drake to thank for the return of London's own answer to the Baltimore-set The Wire. The rapper professed his love for the show back in 2014, helping to bring it to an international audience. He was also instrumental in pitching the show to Netflix and has an executive producer credit. It's unclear what, if any, involvement he'll have in the follow-up.


There is no release date for Top Boy season 4 yet, but you can watch season 1-3 on Netflix now


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