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Tom Hiddleston IS Sherlock’s brother in new BBC video

Well, sort of…

Published: Thursday, 28th July 2016 at 8:26 am

There’s an awful lot of speculation buzzing around at the moment as to whether Tom Hiddleston could be joining the cast of BBC series Sherlock, with the Night Manager star (and close friend of Benedict Cumberbatch) tipped to play the detective’s secret brother Sherrinford after hints from the production team that the character was set to be introduced.


Later, a cryptic tweet from series co-creator (and actor behind Sherlock’s other brother Mycroft) Mark Gatiss continued to fan the flames, pairing a picture of Hiddleston and the Sherlock cast with the simple caption “Blud” and basically sending everyone into a tizzy.

But if you were still unsure whether Hiddleston’s casting would even work in Sherlock if it did happen, never fear – a new BBC Store video has emerged of the fraternal pair in action, and it’s everything we hoped it could be.

Update: the original tweet seems to have been removed but you can watch the video here

OK, OK – it’s actually just clips cut together of Sherlock and Hiddleston’s spy thriller the Night Manager intended to sell digital downloads, but it aptly displays that Hiddles is the perfect third Holmes sibling-in-waiting and we won’t hear any different. We await the casting notice any day now.

Your move, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss…


Sherlock will return in early 2017


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