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Tom Hiddleston for Bond? The Night Manager fans prefer pregnant super spy Olivia Colman

"Olivia Colman can do no wrong. She even used the word 'discombobulated'! She's the next Bond for sure!"

Published: Monday, 28th March 2016 at 7:21 am

The Night Manager came to a dramatic conclusion on BBC1 last night. Viewers witnessed explosions, murders, tortures – and one seriously bad ass moment from Olivia Colman's heavily pregnant spy Angela Burr.


Amid the power tussle between Hugh Laurie's Richard Roper and Tom Hiddleston's spy of many names (Andrew Birch? Jonathan Pine?), Angela insisted she go and fetch documents from evil Dicky's safe instead of David Harewood's US agent David Estes (sorry, Joel Steadman). "I'm a pregnant woman, perfect cover," she informed him, before flouncing out of the hotel room, gun in hand.

Unfortunately things didn't exactly go to plan as one of Roper's henchmen returned to the hotel to scope out the room's occupants – but thanks to a hairy escape, and the rescue of Jed (Elizabeth Debicki), Angela had her longed-for take down of the notorious arms dealer, grinning as she watched him hauled off to what we can only imagine was a grim, grim death.

Yes, The Night Manager's six-part run has doubled up as Tom Hiddleston's thinly-veiled audition for James Bond, but as the credits rolled it was Colman who fans longed to see awarded her licence to kill.

But when you go about using words like "discombobulated"...

... and take down the bad guys with a bun in the oven:

It's only a matter of time before you have Twitter in the palm of your hand.

And as Tom Hiddleston breathed his final sigh of relief, viewers were unanimous in their praise for Olivia Colman's pregnant, bad-ass super spy.


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