This UK company is giving staff the morning off to watch Game of Thrones

A way to ease back into the day after the 2am viewing has arrived


With the long-awaited return to Westeros set for next Monday, it’s almost a given that many offices the following morning will be filled with bleary eyed workers who can’t seem to get their fill of coffee.


But not in the rehabstudio office where bosses have given their staff the morning off to recover from the 2am simulcast with the US.

The new terms give staff in the London and Belfast offices half a day of holiday after each episode of the new season is released.


There’s a catch, though – the contract change also includes a warning that no one can reveal any spoilers on the company’s intranet for those choosing to eschew the 2am alarm for a more sociable 9pm screening on Sky Atlantic.

Unsurprisingly, rehabstudio’s founding partner Tim Rodgers told Mashable the new scheme had proven hugely positive. “We’ve had some employees ask if the perk can be extended to the premiere of The Walking Dead,” he said. “This year it’s GoT, next year it could be something completely different and the team are welcome to give us suggestions,”


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