This Game of Thrones theory about Bran is far fetched… but it does make sense

This will blow your mind


Bran Stark isn’t exactly the most engaging Game of Thrones character. While his brothers and sisters have travelled around Westeros, marrying, killing, scheming, fighting and being bought back from the dead, all he’s done is journeyed a few miles north of Winterfell to hang out in a cave.


In fact, during season five, we kind of forgot about him all together.

But a new Thrones fan theory suggests the heir to Winterfell could actually be a lot more influential than we’ve been giving him credit for.

Season six has seen Bran journeying into the past with the Three-Eyed-Raven to witness key events. And Redditor NegativeKarmaSniifer has theorised that, far from being a snow-bound footnote, Bran “sets the events of the show in motion” by trying to interact with the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen during a vision.

“From S6E3, Bran realizes that others can hear him during the visions from the past, but doesn’t understand that they cannot fully understand him,” he writes. “He attempts to reason with King Aerys when shown a vision of him. The King only hears whispers, and is driven mad by it. Bran tries to fix this, however makes it worse.

“Mad King Aerys burns Bran’s grandfather alive while Bran frantically tries to stop him. All he hears is whispers.

“Bran sets the events of the show in motion.”

Too much, right? But, after Ned Stark’s reaction at the Tower of Joy when Bran cried out to him, it does make sense. And stranger things have happened in Westeros…


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