This Game of Thrones Easter egg isn’t about Jon Snow

Easter is coming


For once we’re happy to write about a TV Easter egg that isn’t a hidden detail in the background or clever wink towards behind-the-scenes issues, but is instead an actual chocolate egg – and in this case, it’s also a total scorcher.


Created by Melt Chocolates to commemorate the DVD release for Game of Thrones series 5, the nearly two-feet-tall and 33 pound dragon egg is a dead ringer for the ones Daenerys had back in season 1, though probably won’t hatch into an adorable chocolate Drogon, Rhaegal or Viserion.

The eggs are on sale now in Selfridges London, so if you ever wanted to feel like a gluttonous Khaleesi, this is your chance. Hopefully the chocolate isn’t too dark, or full of terrors.


Game of Thrones series 6 will begin on Sky Atlantic next month