The latest series of Game of Thrones was a good one for fans of Jon Snow fan theories, with both the resurrection of Kit Harington’s northern hero and the reveal of his true parentage (Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Targaryen instead of Ned Stark, fact fans) depicted on screen in more or less exactly the way that fans had been predicting for years.


However, any Thrones fans hoping to see a hat-trick of crazy Jon Snow conspiracies coming true may yet be disappointed – because according to one of Harington’s co-stars, one of the most popular remaining theories is simply untrue.

Said theory revolves around the idea that Jon wasn’t the only child of the union between Rhaegar and Ned Stark’s sister Lyanna, with Jon actually having a secret sister who was adopted by the only other man to survive Ned’s rescue mission for Lyanna – crannogman Howland Reed, father of Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Jojen and Ellie Kendrick’s Meera. Or, possibly just Jojen's father.

Yes, that’s right – an awful lot of fans think that Meera is actually Jon’s secret twin, a final twist still to be revealed. The resemblance certainly is a bit uncanny, right?

However, the actress behind Meera isn’t quite so sure – and she thinks this might all be down to a haircare-related misunderstanding.

“A lot of people told me about the Meera and Jon Snow thing,” Meera actress Ellie Kendrick said at a Game of Thrones panel at London film and comic con, when she and the other guests were asked what the oddest fan theory was that they’d come across. “That’s the only one that I know about my character.

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“I think it’s just because we both have curly hair man, because if you’ve read the books they’re not really that similar.”

Ouch – and Kendrick went on to similarly quash the dreams of any fans who wanted to see a romantic relationship develop between Meera and Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright), despite their close friendship in the series.

“People have recently been saying like, Meera and Bran?” Kendrick told the crowd.

“Which to me seems wrong, because if you read the books he’s 9 years old. That’s sick, guys.”

Well, it certainly sounds like Meera won’t be joining the Stark family any time soon from either direction. Back to the fan theory drawing board…


Game of Thrones will return next summer