The UK is officially House Stark in Game of Thrones…

...according to the merchandise we buy


Staunch, rugged, steadfast, not averse to inclement weather – it’s obvious isn’t it? If the UK was a Game of Thrones house, we would certainly be House Stark.


The good news is, our suspicions have now been confirmed, by no less a source of Thrones knowledge than… eBay.

Stay with us for a moment. The online shopping site actually knows a thing or two about the Game of Thrones fandom – after all, where else would we go for that authentic Daenerys Targaryen cosplay dress or novelty Ned Stark sword letter opener (just me?).

According to their research, British Game of Thrones fans are overwhelmingly Stark-supporting when it comes to merch purchased.

By looking at the top selling Thrones products for each country – t-shirts, mugs, flags, costumes – the research was able to determine the most popular House in each country.

The United States, for example, are firmly in the Baratheon camp, while Canada swing towards House Targaryen. Ambitious Australia meanwhile, somewhat surprisingly, is House Lannister.

Check out the full Game of Thrones country map below.


According to the UK Retail Report research, eBay searches for Game of Thrones products increased six-fold the day after the season six finale aired. In total, film and TV fandoms have spent a combined £1.28 billion on the site in the past decade.

Game of Thrones still has a way to catch up with the biggest-buying franchise however: Star Wars fans have spent £444 million on eBay in the past ten years.


Now, shut up while I bid for this genuine Daenerys lunchbox