The Sopranos ending still makes creator David Chase “want to cry”

"Just thinking about it, I get all choked up," said the man behind the epic HBO drama


It’s been nearly nine years since the incredibly tense finale of The Sopranos – and it still makes the show’s creator teary at the very thought of it.


“I’ll tell you this about it,” Chase said, responding to an audience question at New York’s Vulture Festival this weekend. “I’m filled with sadness when I see that ending. I get all choked up — just thinking about it, I get all choked up.”

And it’s not just the nostalgia, he was quick to add, but the final scene itself.


“The way the thing builds and the music, to me, it gets me; it makes me want to cry, ” The Hollywood Reporter quoted him as saying. “And it’s not, ‘oh there goes the show, there goes part of my life’ — it’s what’s going on on the screen.”