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The Sister audience start to make sense of unhinged plot after Bob’s admission

The ITV thriller reached peak creepiness as Bob revealed what happened to Elise. *CONTAINS SPOILERS*


The narrative threads are all starting to coalesce in ITV thriller The Sister, after Wednesday’s episode revealed that Nathan (Russell Tovey) did not kill Elise after all, as many viewers had already twigged.


It turned out that big bad Bob (Bertie Carvel), the creepy ghost botherer, had given her cocaine that: a) killed her outright, or: b) caused her to have a seizure which led to her banging her head against a window causing a fatal injury.

If either was the case, it’s clear that Bob intended Nathan to take the drugs and finish up in the same state, possibly as a by-product of his demonic plan.

At last, many viewers felt like they were on solid ground with the plot.

Viewers were starting to believe that this gruesome event wasn’t the first time Bob had been for a stroll in the woods.

Many others agreed with that deduction: “I don’t think this is the first time Bob has done this #thesister”.

Earlier, other theories were abounding on social media. Bob was conducting experiments on bodies, for example: “I think bob,does human experiments on dead bodies! #TheSister”.

Perhaps Bob didn’t kill her, after all…

I think Bob is keeping the sister captive and whatever was in the cocaine paralysed her #TheSister”, posted another viewer.

Or even Bob is about to go the way of his victims: “I think Nathan or Holly is going to kill Bob and Bob is going in the freezer #TheSister”.

But as with previous episodes, some of the plot points were triggering viewers. The “3 inch” deep grave, for example.

Bob’s reedy voice was suitably weird but also quite distracting to some in the audience. It reminded some of a certain TV chef.

Some were enjoying Bob’s sulphurous character: “That’s what I like about Bertie’s acting. You think his character is just a weirdo until – boom! – he gives you chills in just one minute #TheSister”.

Those who had stuck with The Sister were starting to feel their time had been well spent.

Not everyone felt so attached to the thriller. In fact, the weight of opinion on social media was summarised by the viewer who felt the “….biggest mystery about #TheSister is why I am still watching it”.

The Sister concludes on ITV on Thursday 29th October at 9pm.


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