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Where is The Sister filmed? Locations for the ITV drama

Everything you need to know about the filming locations featured in ITV's latest drama starring Russell Tovey.

The Sister
Published: Tuesday, 27th October 2020 at 2:27 pm

Russell Tovey's new drama The Sister premiered on ITV last night, with the Flesh and Blood actor starring as a man with a terrible secret who, after years of burying it, is haunted by a figure from his past.


The four-part drama, which is based on Neil Cross' book Burial, continues tonight and The Sister cast boasts stellar actors such as Bertie Carvel, Amrita Acharia and Nina Toussaint White, who appear in various scenes shot within a dark and miserable wood.

If you're curious as to where this gripping drama was filmed, here's everything you need to know about the locations featured in ITV's The Sister and what the cast had to say about them.

The Sister filming locations

Filming for The Sister took place in December 2019 with many scenes shot on-location "around London", according to the drama's star Russell Tovey.

"We filmed most of The Sister around London. Some of the most challenging scenes were during two weeks of night shoots in the rain," he said.

"The crew would probably say that was one of the hardest experiences of their whole careers. It was really tough filming those scenes at night. This was a hard job. But it looks amazing on screen, so it was absolutely worth it."

According to, in one particular scene, Tovey is seen in Brewers Lane in Richmond, West London.

Carvel, who plays Bob in the series, described the woodland night shoots as "pretty gruelling".

"The most challenging thing about that for me was shooting a whole sequence basically set in a car in the woods," he said. "We shot all the exterior stuff around the car in the woods; but all of the interior stuff in the same car in a studio at the other end of the shoot. Including scenes of leaning in and out of the car."


However, Acharia filmed most of her scenes indoors. "Compared to Russell [Tovey] I probably had an easier ride of it, cos luckily I got to be in a nice house in really nice clothes and warm clothes, while he was out in the woods running like a maniac."

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