The OC gets Turkish remake – Medcezir

Gone are Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer, replaced by a gang of glamorous Mediterranean counterparts in Medcezir

Over its four seasons The OC brought us the turbulent teenage years of Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer, but the sweeping sandy beaches, coastal mansions and sun-kissed pools of Orange County were also a major selling point. Now, six years after its demise, comes the curious decision from Warner Bros. International Television Production to relocate the series to… Turkey.


The Californian drama – which ran between 2003 and 2007 – has already been adapted for its Turkish audience and will again follow a group of family and friends in a wealthy coastal community whose lives are forever changed when a dashing outsider enters the fold… Sounding pretty familiar, eh?

“Today, the standards are so high in drama, so we are delighted with what they’ve done with such an iconic format,” gushed Andrew Zein, Warner Bros senior vice president of creative, format development and sales. “It looks glossy and perfectly replicates the original series with a Turkish twist.”

Titled Medcezir (or Tide in English) according to the show’s Facebook page, the first season is made up of 13 episodes – and judging by the trailer below, the glamorous stars and seaside location are all intact. Shame about all those dodgy stolen glances and sullen gazes into the distance…