The OA season 2 is happening

"Something always survives"


The OA was arguably (well, almost certainly) the weirdest TV series of 2016 – a psychological, apparently supernatural, abduction/coming of age/love story – that unfolded across a compact eight episodes and culminated in an ending enigmatic enough that it might well have been the last we saw of it, yet certainly left the door open for more.


Well, fans will be pleased to know that it’s the latter – The OA Part II is happening. Just what that will entail we don’t yet know, and we won’t make any suggestions in case you haven’t seen the first season. Instead we’ll just leave you with this very short teaser, and the phrase “Something always survives”. Make of that what you will…


The OA stars co-creator Brit Marling as Prairie, Emory Cohen as Homer, Jason Isaacs as Hap, Patrick Gibson as Steve and Brendan Meyer as Jesse. A date for season two is yet to be announced.