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How many episodes in The Larkins?

Here's how long we'll be spending in the idyllic Kent countryside.

Bradley Walsh and Joanna Scanlan in The Larkins
Published: Thursday, 7th October 2021 at 3:42 pm

Everyone's favourite family, The Larkins are here for some much-needed escapist entertainment, with Pop, Ma and their brood welcoming us to 1950s Kent for several Sunday nights.


The series is a reboot of beloved ITV classic The Darling Buds of May, with The Larkins cast including Bradley Walsh as Pop Larkin and Bridgerton star Sabrina Bartlett as Mariette.

Fans of the original show will remember that each '90s series would be made up of six episodes along with a Christmas special, but how many 'perfick' Sunday nights will the Larkins be joining us for this time round?

How many episodes in The Larkins?

The Larkins

The Larkins

Good news! As with the original series, The Larkins will be made up of six episodes as well as an already-announced Christmas special.

There won't be too long a wait for the Christmas instalment either - as The Larkins' six-episode run means the first series will end on Sunday 14th November.

Episode titles and breakdowns have already been released - but those wishing to go in without knowing anything at all may want to look away now.


Episode 1: In which we meet the Larkin family.

As the title suggests, this first episode will introduce us to the many members of the Larkin clan, who are all excitedly getting prepared for the May Day fair. However, all is not as content as it seems on the surface - Mariette is keen to leave home and see the world, despite the protests of her parents and the arrival of suave bachelor Tom Fisher.

Meanwhile, Ma soon engages in a village rivalry with the Norman family, encouraging Pop to take over as Master of the Hounds from Alec Norman. What will happen at the May Day Fair Charity Auction when everything comes to a head?

Episode 2: In which The Larkins woo Charley the Tax Man.

Charley the Tax Man arrives, so it's up to the Larkins to convince Charley that they don't need to sell the farm to pay back their tax. Mariette, who has agreed to stay for the summer, finds her head turned after going for a walk with Charley, while Pop makes an offer to the Bluff-Gores for their country pile.

However, Alec Norman once again intervenes leaving the Larkins in deep trouble - will they be able to win Charley over? And who will be Montgomery's baby in the Village Pram Race?

Episode 3: In which Pop and Ma go on holiday.

Worried that Pop is working too much, Ma books a weekend away in the seaside town of Margate, where they cheer up a wedding party, have ice creams on the beach and nearly lose their dignity in the sea.

Charley and Mariette are left to look after the kids - as well as sort out a ghastly new TV aerial - when Tom Fisher asks Mariette out on a date. Much to the chagrin of Charley, Mariette accepts - but her rival Pauline is determined to make sure the romance doesn't work out...

Episode 4: In which the Larkins rescue the railway station.

Charley is enjoying strawberry picking season with the family - until he sees Tom make a move on Mariette, prompting him to make a big decision regarding his job.

Meanwhile Pop meets local trainspotter Kate Farley, who tells him that the station is about to close as it is just not being used enough. Devastated, Pop enlists the help of Miss Chand, her school children, and the villagers to make sure the trains are full - and to provide plenty of customers for his strawberry-selling venture. Will the Larkins save the railway?

Episode 5: In which Ma’s sister Bertha comes to visit.

No stone has been left unturned in Ma's efforts to clean the Larkin household, which will soon be welcoming her city-dwelling sister Bertha, her husband Howard and their daughter Jemima. Bertha's disdain for the countryside and all things dirty causes some sisterly tension to emerge, before Ma finally snaps and challenges her to a race. Will a Jaguar vs Rolls Royce showdown bring harmony to the family once more?

Meanwhile Tom makes his move on Mariette, while also pushing forward with his plans for Bluff Court, causing great distress amongst the locals as this could mean pulling down beloved tree Spreading Linda. Will Tom get the girl and also flatten the countryside?

Episode 6: In which the Larkins are determined to convince Mariette to stay.

With Mariette fleeing to France, the Larkins dash to the railway and convince her to stay for the Donkey Derby/Gymkhana and Cocktail Party. The pressure is on then for this to be a magical social event - and true enough, village gossip soon ensures a high turnout.

The party seems to be a huge success until a disgraced Tom returns to make a point, prompting Charley to mount a pony. Will Mariette still leave for France? And if so, will she be travelling alone?


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