The internet has come up with some pretty convincing reasons why we should #BacktheBBC

It's mainly to do with Sherlock, Doctor Who and Mary Berry singing The Sound of Music...

The future of the BBC has been called into question this week, after culture secretary John Whittingdale revealed plans to assess the corporation’s size and scope.


The Government’s green paper on the BBC has caused something of a furore over on social media, with some Tweeters coming out in support of the plans, while high profile stars have called for David Cameron to protect the broadcaster from cuts. 

For some, however, debates over the future of the license fee are a fuss about nothing. These telly-lovers are apparently more than happy to fork out £145.50 a year for one show and one show alone.

Because, as these guys have noticed, Sherlock is made by the BBC. 

And, erm, the Doctor’s time-travelling adventures? That Tardis fuel is funded by the BBC. 

So are these pecks. I mean, plots. 

And what about EastEnders?

Have you thought about the adverts? Sylvia, Thomas and Shaun have. 

This guy, well he’s watched a 40-second teaser for Bake Off and he’s convinced he’s got his money’s worth…


We’d say he’s easily pleased, but we think we might agree.

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