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You can watch the whole forking first scene of The Good Place season 3 right now

Son of a bench! Michael's off to planet Earth in this sneak peek of The Good Place season three

Published: Thursday, 13th September 2018 at 10:55 am

Nobody has ever been quite as excited to ride a bus as The Good Place's Michael (Ted Danson). And absolutely nobody has ever been so impressed by a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell...


The entire first scene of The Good Place season three has been released as a "leak" ahead of its release on NBC and Netflix later this month, revealing exactly how Michael is able to save the lives of Chidi, Eleanor, Tahani and Jason.

The human-loving immortal demon receives approval to visit Planet Earth and create an alternative timeline in which our four main characters are given a second chance to be "good."

Of course, we've already seen how Eleanor was saved from death-by-runaway-trolley, but in this "sneak peek" Michael pops up all over the world – pushing Chidi away from the path of a falling air conditioning unit, releasing Jason from his locker and saving Tahani from the falling statue of her sister.

Watch the new clip below.

Even more exciting for Michael, he gets to complete his quest on public transport.

The scene also introduces a new character, "The Doorman," an extremely unimpressed frog-loving bloke who guards the door to Earth.


The Doorman is the custodian of the only key to that door, which we have a feeling will become extremely significant...

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