The first trailer for Doctor Thorne gives Downton Abbey a run for its “money”

And its love, respect, life, birth, charm, beauty, marriage…


Doctor Thorne has already been compared in many quarters to Downton Abbey, and it’s not hard to see why.


Both are sumptuous period dramas by Julian Fellowes, both are made for ITV on Sunday nights and – based on Doctor Thorne’s first trailer – they both have pretty similar concerns.

If this Casetteboy-style trailer is anything to go by, the characters’ worries revolve mainly around money, with respect, family, marriage and life a distant second.

Like the Crawleys of Downton, the toffs of Anthony Trollope’s novel are worried about the future of their estate, their place in society and the changing world.

Though in the right circumstances, love might just trump money after all…


Doctor Thorne begins on ITV this Sunday (6th March) at 9pm