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Exclusive - The Drowning episode 4 teaser sees Jodie introduce Daniel to his old family

"And there was me worrying it might be awkward..."

The Drowning
Channel 5
Published: Thursday, 4th February 2021 at 11:00 am

Episode four of Channel 5 thriller The Drowning airs tonight, and we have an exclusive clip teasing an uncomfortable family reunion during the series finale.


*Warning: spoilers ahead for The Drowning episodes one, two, and three*

Jodie (Jill Halfpenny in The Drowning cast) and teenager Daniel (Cody Molka) previously received a police DNA test result confirming that they are mother and son – meaning Daniel is Jodie's long-lost son Tom.

However, in episode four it seems that the revelation hasn't gone down too well with the rest of Jodie's family, as the duo receive an unexpectedly frosty reception when they visit Jodie's ex-husband, Ben (Dara Devaney), and his new family.

Ben's new partner, Kate (Deidre Mullins), who is Jodie's former best friend who previously had an affair with Ben, seems to steel herself when she opens her front door to Jodie and Daniel. Could she be worried that Ben will leave her and their daughter in order to reunite with ex Jodie and his son?

Meanwhile, Ben is practically monosyllabic, while Jodie's mum (Deborah Findley) and brother Jason (Jonas Armstrong) can only smile as they're greeted by Daniel, their long-lost grandson and nephew, respectively.

The whole thing is incredibly stilted, made worse by the fact that no one – not even Jodie – seems to know whether to address Daniel with his new name, or as Tom.

As she quips during a particularly pregnant pause: "And there was me worrying it might be awkward..."

Of course, architect Mark (Rupert Penry-Jones), the man who raised Daniel, is missing from tableau – he's currently behind bars, presumably charged with kidnapping. However, we suspect the overprotective father won't go down without a fight...


The Drowning will conclude tonight on Channel 5. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV Guide.


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