Channel 5's The Deceived, starring Emmett J Scanlan, Emily Reid, and Normal People's Paul Mescal, followed a young Cambridge student, Ophelia (Reid), who gets caught up in a web of gaslighting and psychological abuse.


The first four-part season was co-written by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee, and focussed on Ophelia as she followed her married lover and lecturer, Michael (Scanlan), to Ireland - only to discover that his wife Roisin (Catherine Walker) had supposedly died in suspicious circumstances in a house fire.

The ending was mainly conclusive, except for the final few seconds - suggesting there may be a second season on the cards. Read on for everything you need to know.

Will there be a second season of The Deceived?

Speaking during a press Q&A prior to the series release, write Lisa McGee said there "probably [could be a second series]", before clarifying, "Like in an anthology kind of way."

McGee's co-writer/husband Tobias Beer added, "You might have to do it slightly differently, perhaps not bringing back all of the characters but maybe using the house as a - tell a different story within the house, perhaps. But this story does conclude."

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However, even if a second season is commissioned, we might not see it for a while yet, given the delays to film shoots caused by the pandemic and lockdown.

What would the plot be of a potential second season of The Deceived?

The Deceived cast
Channel 5

The series creators have suggested that if there were a second season, the storyline might be very different to season one - with only the setting (The House at Knockdara) and some of the characters returning for a second time.

That doesn't leave us much to go on regarding potential returning cast members or storylines, but the season one finale wasn't completely open-and-shut.

*Warning: spoilers ahead for The Deceived episode four*

At the end of the season, Roisin kills her gaslighting husband, Michael, before vanishing with help from both her mother Mary and Ophelia.

Roisin disappears to Marrakesh after faking her own death - but who should turn up but Richard, the bereaved brother of Annabelle.

(Annabelle was Michael's other lover and the student whom Roisin accidentally killed, before she and the other women framed Michael for murder.)

Could a second season deal with the fall-out of Richard catching up with Roisin? In which case, both actors (Catherine Walker and Lloyd Everitt) would need to reprise their roles.

For a recap of the first season's climax, here's The Deceived ending explained.

Is there a trailer?

There's no trailer yet as season two is yet to be commissioned, but we'll keep this page updated.


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