Channel 5's The Deceived is an upcoming dark thriller that explores gaslighting, and takes us from the halls of Cambridge University to an apparently haunted house in Ireland.


Starring Emily Reid (Belgravia), Emmett J. Scanlan (Peaky Blinders) and Normal People's Paul Mescal, the series is also co-written by Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee.

Read on for everything you need to know about the filming locations for The Deceived.

Knockdara village

The Deceived
Ophelia (Emily Reid) interrupts a funeral at Knockdara Church in The Deceived. Channel 5

In episode one, Ophelia arrives in Knockdara village in Donegal, where she stumbles across a funeral and also heads to a local pub - where she accidentally leaves her bag.

In the series, Killough village in County Down doubled for Knockdara village and its various locations - including Killough church for Knockdara church (where Ophelia witnesses a funeral).

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The Deceived
Paul Mescal as Sean and Emily Reid as Ophelia in Sheila's Bar and BnB in The Deceived. Channel 5

The Anchor Bar in Killough village also provided the filming location for Sheila's Bar (where Ophelia asks for directions and accidentally leaves her bag).

The house at Knockdara

Possibly the most important location in the show - and the topic of Michael's mysterious new fiction book - is the large manor house at Knockdara that he shares with his wife, Roisin.

During filming, the real-life Holestone House in Doagh doubled for the house at Knockdara.

Catherine Walker, who plays Roisin Mulvery in The Deceived, said of the house at Knockdara, "We were filming in this amazing but kind of spooky house that reminded me of Mandalay from Rebecca. It is a beautiful building but it definitely felt like there was something in the energy of those walls..."

Cambridge University

Much of the show takes place in Cambridge University, where Ophelia is a student reading English. It's also where she meets both Michael, her lecturer, and his novelist wife Roisin.

For some shots of the university, Queens University and Campbell College in Belfast doubled for Cambridge University.

Queens University, Belfast
View of Queens University of Belfast in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Getty Images

Shelley Conn, who plays Ruth in The Deceived, said of her filming experience: "I’ve not worked in Belfast before, or even visited and they’ve done a great job of taking Belfast and making it Cambridge. The colleges we’ve been using, Queen’s University, is just beautiful.

Killyleagh Castle in Country Down was also used as a stand-in for Cambridge University and Dublin Event Hall.

Conn said of filming at the castle: "We filmed at this incredible place called Killyleagh Castle, which is such an amazing location that we used it for a number of different locations in the shoot and that was really special. There’s a family that still live there and you just think wow, it’s a proper castle - it was amazing!"

Further filming locations

Further filming locations included Sandford Avenue, Belfast, for Michael and Roisin's Cambridge House that Ophelia visits during episode one.

Filming shoots for exterior shots also took place in both Cambridge and in Donegal.


The Deceived will air from Monday August 3rd at 9pm on Channel 5. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.