In The Capture season 2 episode 3, DCI Rachel Carey arrives home one evening to discover that there's an intruder in her apartment.


But it's not an assassin, or one of her colleagues.

"For f**k sake," she says on discovering her half-sister Abigail lying on her couch.

For someone who spends her days looking over her shoulder, having people enter your home without warning is especially bad for the nerves.

Abigail explains that her mum and dad are on a city break, leaving her in the house alone, which she struggles with following the burglary.

"What burglary?" asks Carey.

"The burglary," replies Abigail. "Thought dad would have told you."

The house was broken into "months ago" – a piece of information they'd failed to pass onto the detective for fear of "bothering" her.

The trespassers "turned the whole place over" and had stolen Abigail's iPad and her mum's laptop.

That news prompts Rachel to dash over there. On letting herself in, she heads over to the mantle piece and picks up a photo of her and her mum, who died of lymphoma when she was just 13.

She turns it over and removes to back to find that it's empty.

The Capture
Heyday films/Laurence Cendrowicz

At the end of season 1, Rachel had used the frame to hide an SD card that could destroy Correction if it fell into the wrong hands.

In the recording, human rights lawyer Hannah Roberts can be seen sat on the bus, heading home following her kiss with Shaun. But in the CCTV that had been doctored by Correction, Shaun had beaten and abducted Hannah, with her body later discovered by the police.

Initially, Rachel hides the SD card in a container filled with porridge oats in her own apartment, but she later transfers it to the photo frame at her dad's house.

But that recording is now missing, which raises the question: who stole it?

Anyone tied to Correction has a vested interest in keeping that clip out of sight. Was it DSU Gemma Garland? If so, it would explain why she was reluctant to give Rachel access to the seventh floor. Or was it CIA agent Frank Napier, who is also determined to keep the lid on the evidence tampering operation?

Perhaps it's someone else entirely.

As Rachel was leaving the house after concealing the SD card in season 1, Abigail was watching her from an upstairs window. Did she swipe it? The fact that the property had been burgled would suggest not, but we're not ruling anything out.

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