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The Bridge series four episode one recap: violent cliffhanger throws the whole Scandi Saga up in the air

The first episode of the bleak drama ended with a shocking twist

Published: Friday, 11th May 2018 at 9:59 pm

***Warning: spoilers if you haven’t seen The Bridge series four episode one***

Well, that was a surprise.


Just as we thought Saga Noren was going to finally start investigating the crime that opened series four of The Bridge – she gets stabbed.

The heroic detective had just managed to win her appeal against her conviction for the murder of her mother (which she did not do) before what should have been her triumphant walk out of prison was cut short by the sharp blade wielded by her prison stalker.

The (clearly disturbed) fellow inmate had been hanging around poor Saga for much of her incarceration, and clearly hadn’t clocked her condition. Saga doesn’t do intimacy just as she doesn't do tact – so she couldn’t have returned her affections even if she tried.

So here was the last we saw of her – our heroine lying in a pool of blood. And with another killer out there stalking the bleak streets of Sweden and Denmark (his opening crime being the stoning to death of an immigration official) Saga is needed more than ever.

The Bridge series 4 episode 1 screen grab, BD

Still. They can’t kill her off? Not in episode one? Not our Saga? Can they….?

Maybe there's a clue in the trailer which shows viewers what Saga does best – chasing down criminals and taking no nonsense from idiotic colleagues plus action sequences that seem to be taken from future episodes.

So we think it's safe to say she'll live to fight another day...


The Bridge continues on Friday nights on BBC2


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