Fans of The Bridge missing their dose of Saga Noren will be pleased to hear that creator Hans Rosenfeldt is on board for another series.


“Hopefully, it’s absolutely possible,” he told, adding that a final decision would be made next month.

“People want to do it, it’s a matter of money and time,” he said.

Sofia Helin (pictured), who plays leather trouser-wearing tortured detective Saga in the Scandi drama, is up for a fourth series, he added. Although it appears she may have needed some initial persuading. “She wants to now,” added the writer enigmatically.

Rosenfeldt himself also appears to have had a slight change of heart about a fourth series.

Last November he told “It’s hard to say, I actually think three seasons is quite good. I think there are a few shows that have been going on a little too long actually. So three or perhaps four seasons. I don’t think there should be a season nine of The Bridge, I don’t think that’s a good idea. The Killing did three, Borgen did three, Denmark has a history of making successful crime shows in threes."

The third series saw Helin’s Saga without Martin Rohde, her partner from the first two seasons played by Kim Bodnia. Saga was given a new partner, Henrik Sabroe, played by Thure Lindhardt.

The last we saw of Saga her future as a policewoman hung in the balance after she was accused of killing her mother.

Before he begins work on any more episodes of The Bridge, however, Rosenfeldt’s first UK drama will air on ITV in April.

Marcella is a dark and taut police thriller starring Anna Friel as a tenacious cop on the hunt for a serial killer in London.

Rosenfeldt said that he would like to do more Marcella series – should ITV want them – but that any commitments he has in the UK won’t prevent a Bridge series four.


Marcella begins on ITV in April