The actor who played young Hodor on Game of Thrones has written a “Hold the Door” power ballad

No YOU’RE crying – contains spoilers


If the finale of this year’s Game of Thrones episode five – where Kristian Nairn’s Hodor was torn apart by wights and revealed to have been brainwashed as a young man by Bran Stark – wasn’t sad enough, there’s now a song all about it bound to make you shed a tear or two.


Written by actor Jack Coleman, who played young Hodor (aka Wyllis) before Bran warged into him and gave him a fit, the power ballad features all the major plot points – Hodor’s life as a stable boy, Bran’s travel into the past and his final stand – set to a soulful piano track.

Frankly, if the final moments of this song and its emotional reminder of how Hodor was also just waiting to “Hold the door” don’t make you a little weepy, you’ve got less humanity than a White Walker on a bad day. 


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